Donald Trump admits Robert Mueller has him over a barrel

We still don’t know precisely when Robert Mueller will testify for the House Judiciary Committee – but we do know there’s nothing Donald Trump can do to stop it. Trump appears to know that as well, as his “efforts” at stopping Mueller’s testimony have thus far consisted of nothing more than whining on Twitter. Now Trump is admitting that Mueller’s testimony is going to be devastating for him.

Palmer Report long ago spelled out why Robert Mueller’s testimony will have a major impact. Even though a redacted version of Mueller’s report has already been publicly released, the vast majority of Americans aren’t going to sit around reading four hundred pages just to try to figure out if Donald Trump is a criminal. But when Mueller – who has never once spoken publicly about his investigation – sits down in front of the cameras and tells the nation about the most salient parts of his report, it’s going to sway public opinion significantly. It turns out Trump agrees with us.

Donald Trump is “dreading” Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony, and he’s been stewing about the “media coverage that would be given to Mueller,” according to the Associated Press. For all of Trump’s cognitive failings, one thing the reality show fraudster understands full well is the power of television and its impact on public opinion. After all, The Apprentice convinced millions of Americans that the world’s most comically inept broke loser was somehow a billionaire.

By all accounts, House Democrats are still working with Robert Mueller to schedule his public testimony. It’s not going to happen this upcoming week, but it should happen soon. Mueller is still technically a DOJ employee, even though his work there has fully ended. He’ll be able to testify much more freely if he resigns first. Our expectation is that once he squares away his resignation, his testimony will take place shortly thereafter. We know Donald Trump will be watching – and so will everyone else.

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