MSNBC demotes Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd was never any good at hosting Meet The Press on Sunday mornings, so it was never clear why MSNBC decided to also put him on the air every weekday at 5pm. In any case his weekday show has been an embarrassing debacle as he tries to paint both sides as being the same, and tries to paint the Trump era as if he were commentating on an exciting sports game.

In that regard, there’s good news. MSNBC has moved Chuck Todd from his current 5pm time slot to the completely irrelevant 1pm time slot. Based on the value of each time slot, this is unmistakably a demotion. 1pm is considered such a wasteland on MSNBC, it’s not even currently a branded time slot; it’s simply been carrying the name “MSNBC Live.” Nicolle Wallace, one of the best MSNBC hosts, will see her 4pm show expanded to two hours each day in place of Todd’s time slot.

This is long overdue. Numerous Palmer Report readers have stated that they turn away from MSNBC from 5pm to 6pm each day in order to avoid Chuck Todd. We’re left to wonder if Todd’s irrelevant new 1pm time slot is a stepping stone for shoving him out the door entirely.

This move, combined with Joy Reid’s promotion to the coveted 7pm weeknight time slot, suggests that MSNBC is headed in the right direction.

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