MSNBC and CNN quickly cut off Donald Trump’s rambling idiotic White House speech

After Donald Trump’s last White House super spreader event resulted in him and a bunch of his own people catching coronavirus, a still sick and contagious Trump decided to hold another super spreader event today. Let’s just say that it isn’t going well for him, to the point that two major TV networks have already cut him off.

Trump is standing on the White House balcony as a bunch of fawning idiots are crowded far too close together outside. It’s difficult to figure out what Trump is even talking about; the event is supposed to be about criminal justice reform but he’s instead babbling about his imaginary great poll numbers.


In any case, Trump is so full of crap, MSNBC and CNN both cut off his speech within the first few minutes, leaving only Fox News still airing Trump’s babbling. Trump will certainly get negative press from this super spreader event. The only possible reason for him to have held this event is to stroke his own ego, even if it means further harming his failing campaign prospects. What a narcissistic idiot.

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