Moscow begins trending after Donald Trump threatens to flee the country if he loses

During his rally speech earlier today, Donald Trump threatened to flee the country if he loses the election. He did so within the context of being embarrassed about losing. But considering the criminal charges and likelihood of prison he’s facing if he loses, the whole thing felt a bit too on the nose – and now it’s set off a firestorm.

Given Trump’s overt loyalty to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, most observers are just assuming he’ll flee to Moscow if he loses. Dave Bautista tweeted “Pretty sure he’s setting up shop in Moscow. I’m not even joking.” Benjamin Dreyer tweeted “If he moves to Moscow he should stay away from windows” – a reference to the sheer number of political folks in Russia who keep “falling” out of windows. David Weissman tweeted “Good riddance, I bet your BFF in Moscow is waiting.”

We think it’s interesting to say the least that Donald Trump has been doing enough thinking about fleeing the country if he loses the election, the thought was close enough to the front of his mind that he ended up saying it out loud today. Right now he’s probably wishing he hadn’t said it.

Of course the minute Joe Biden is sworn in, Donald Trump ceases being President, and is thus no longer immune to arrest. If New York State has already indicted Trump by this time, it can show up and arrest him the minute he steps out of the White House, before he can even get to his escape plane. That said, we have to beat Trump first, so let’s make sure to turn out and vote in record numbers.

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