Democratic Congressman unloads on “moron” Donald Trump

By now it’s painfully clear that Donald Trump only manufactured the Iran “crisis” so he could try to use it as a distraction from his worsening criminal scandals, and then he’ll eventually falsely declare that he’s “fixed” it so he can take credit for it. Trump’s handling of the situation has been so fumbling, so inept, so infantile, he’s ended up with egg all over his face – and everyone knows it.

Before Donald Trump took office and began screwing up and/or sabotaging everything he touched, President Obama had a peace deal in place with Iran that ensured the nation would never have a nuclear weapon. Trump conveniently ignored this when he insisted in an interview that “never can Iran have a nuclear weapon.” It didn’t go unnoticed.

Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, who is on record as being in favor of impeachment, and who recently said that he believes impeachment is in fact inevitable, quoted Trump and added this in response – “Hey moron: the third line of the Iran Nuclear Deal guaranteed just that. Maybe you should have read it before you tore it up.” Yarmuth then posted a copy of the Obama-Iran agreement as proof.

That’s right, a sitting Congressman just called the President of the United States a “moron” and most observers are left simply shaking their heads in agreement. There will be debate about the appropriateness of the use of this particular word. But keep in mind that Yarmuth is effectively quoting Donald Trump’s own former handpicked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who also called Trump a “moron” while doing it in profane fashion.

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