Donald Trump is even more off his rocker than usual today

We knew we were in a for a strange week when the Trump regime falsely and inexplicably announced on Twitter last night that it was snowing at the White House, at a time when temperatures in Washington DC were in the fifties and the skies were clear. Sure enough, Donald Trump is even more off his rocker today than usual, suggesting that he knows just how ugly this week is about to get for him.

Donald Trump has spent the day retweeting a number of suspicious propaganda accounts that all contain the hashtag #NancyPelosiFakeNews – and some of the retweets include disturbing images of violence. Trump also attacked Elizabeth Warren in racist fashion as per usual, but for the first time, he misspelled “Pocahontas” as “Pocahontus.” Trump now also seems to think there’s someone in the race named “Bernie Sander.” This suggests that perhaps someone new is helping Trump write his tweets, though we don’t know who that would be, as Trump hasn’t hired any new senior advisers in quite some time.

Trump then began laying the groundwork for admitting that there was no intel about an imminent attack on any U.S. embassies, tweeting it “doesn’t really matter” because Soleimani had a “horrible past.” If that’s the justification he’s going with, he might as well be prepared to get hit with yet another article of impeachment, because you can’t just assassinate a foreign leader and then lie to Congress and the American public about why you did it.

Speaking of impeachment, Donald Trump is most likely going even further off the deep end than usual today because he fears that Nancy Pelosi is about to send the existing articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial, and that the trial won’t play out well for him no matter how the Republicans try to stack it in his favor. With the storm that’s brewing around the Trump regime, it’s no wonder Trump thinks it’s snowing at the White House.

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