Either there are more indictments coming from the Mueller probe, or someone at the DOJ just lied to a federal judge about it

When William Barr released his “summary” of the Mueller report, he also announced that there were no more indictments coming from the Mueller probe. Various people in Trump’s orbit took this as a sign that they were off the hook. But hold on, because this morning a federal prosecutor from the DOJ told a federal judge that Mueller’s grand jury is still “continuing robustly.” Wait a minute here.

Grand juries only have one purpose: to indict people. Mueller’s grand jury wouldn’t still be ongoing, unless the federal prosecutor who inherited it is actively seeking to indict more people. Because federal grand juries end up returning indictments in greater than 99.9% of cases, this news means that more people will be indicted by Mueller’s grand jury – if it’s true, of course. Here’s the thing.

When Darren Samuelsohn from Politico appeared on the Rachel Maddow show tonight and laid out the precise details of what went down in court today, one thing became clear. The judge was about to publicly reveal the name of the mystery foreign government-owned company, when the prosecutor suddenly announced that the Mueller grand jury was continuing robustly, thus prompting the judge to keep the company’s identity under seal awhile longer.


So did the prosecutor simply make up a fake story about the Mueller grand jury still being a thing, because William Barr had ordered him to find a way to keep the judge from revealing the company’s name? Or does this prosecutor still have the Mueller grand jury intact because he intends to indict more people? We have no way of knowing – but one of these two scenarios has to be true. Stay tuned, because something big is afoot here.

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