House Democrats tip off that there are more articles of impeachment coming

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi first announced the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, she said that the focus was specifically about Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal. In the following days, Pelosi publicly added two words: “for now.” Palmer Report said at the time that these two words should truly scare Trump, because it meant she had a lot more up her sleeve. Now the Democratic House is tipping off just how deep this runs.

House Democrats are in court right now, arguing that they should immediately have full access to the redacted portions of the Mueller Report, and thus far the judge’s comments suggest that they’re going to win this battle. According to CNN, while making this argument, an attorney for the House Democrats said this to the judge about the House impeachment inquiry: “I can’t emphasize enough, it’s not just Ukraine.”

The singular purpose of an impeachment inquiry is to make determinations about what, if any, articles of impeachment to bring. This statement from the lawyer makes clear that the inquiry isn’t just looking at bringing an article of impeachment over the Ukraine scandal, and is instead looking to bring multiple articles of impeachment for various crimes.

Last week Palmer Report pointed to the Democratic House’s assertion that Donald Trump lied in his written answers to Robert Mueller, which is a felony. If the House brings articles of impeachment on these kinds of process crimes, it’ll set the stage where Republican Senators can split the difference by acquitting Trump on the major articles, while voting to convict him on the lesser articles. It may give the GOP a way of trying to salvage its own continued existence by ousting Trump while still arguing to its base that it tried to protect him the best it could.

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