Money trail confirms Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal. It has a financial component, which means that all we have to do is follow the money in order to confirm it. Now it turns out the money trail is very much real, and it helps prove that Trump knew about all it all along – and that he’s lying now.

U.S. intelligence officials discovered the Russian bounty plot when they encountered money transfers from the Kremlin to the Taliban that matched up with what prisoners had told them about the Kremlin plot to take out U.S. soldiers. This is according to a comprehensive new expose from the New York Times this afternoon. What stands out here is that with a specific money trail involved, there’s no possible way that that U.S. intel leaders wouldn’t have briefed Trump on this.

Donald Trump made a mistake by insisting that he didn’t know about this Russian bounty plot. It would have been bad enough that he knew about it and didn’t do anything; he’d have been stuck trying to argue that he was planning to take action but hadn’t taken yet it. But now that he’s been caught lying about having known, it proves bad faith intent on his part, and makes clear that he’s been actively trying to help Russia get away with these murders of U.S. soldiers.

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