William Barr sure would like to have this moment back

During Attorney General William Barr’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 20th, he was asked by Senator Chris Van Hollen, “Did Bob Mueller support your conclusion?” This inquiry was in regard to Barr’s initial four page memo of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly two year investigation into Donald Trump, in which Barr unequivocally claimed that Trump and his people had committed no collusion or obstruction.

Barr responded by saying, “I don’t know whether Bob Mueller support my conclusion.” This simple statement, as innocuous as it may have appeared at the time, at a time when much of the world was watching to see what Mueller’s investigation discovered, seemed to simply sit there – as if waiting for someone to come along and prove it wrong. Now that we know Mueller himself has called out Barr in a letter for his misrepresentation of the report, everything that Barr stated under oath must be reviewed and analyzed to determine if anything was accurate.

“We now know Mueller stated his concerns on March 27th, and that Barr totally misled me, the Congress, and the public,” Senator Van Hollen’s tweeted on Tuesday night. While many believe that Barr obfuscated Congress while capitulating to appease Trump, he currently remains – at least in name – the top legal officer of the land who represents America and not the president.

While many have previously questioned William Barr’s reasoning for protecting Donald Trump, as we learn more, the excuses quickly fall away. Based on what we know, it appears Trump’s appointment of a loyalist to the position of Attorney General was for the sole purpose of protecting a criminal and lawless President. We are fortunate to have some members of congress who continue to stand up for the rest of us. In regards to Attorney General Barr, as Senator Van Hollen states, “He must resign.”

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