Democrats have a mole in Donald Trump’s team

This evening, Democratic Congressmen Adam Schiff and Jim Himes announced that they had caught Devin Nunes, the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, making material changes to his Trump-Russia memo after he had the committee vote on whether to release it. Nunes is desperate and out of control and stupid, so it’s not shocking that he would do this. What stands out here is that the Democrats almost immediately found out about it, particularly on a day when certain other things happened.

Nunes made these secret changes to his memo and then sent it to Donald Trump’s White House. No one but Nunes and Trump’s people could have seen the altered memo, yet the Democrats found out anyway. That leaves us with the incredible, yet impossible to avoid, conclusion: the Democrats have a mole somewhere within Trump’s team, who ratted Nunes out for having made the changes. There are some clues as to who it may be.

Every few days, we see another story leak to the media about how Trump tried to do something illegal, and White House Counsel Don McGahn intervened to save the day. McGahn would have been in position to see the altered memo after Nunes sent it to the White House. Did he alert the Democrats that Nunes had secretly changed the memo? Is he the mole? Does that make sense? There’s also another name.

Just half a day before the Democrats learned that Nunes had altered the memo, the other Republican leader on the House Intelligence Committee – Trey Gowdy – announced out of nowhere that he’s retiring from Congress. Up to now, Nunes and Gowdy had been acting in concert with regard to this memo. Did Nunes tell Gowdy that he had secretly altered the memo? Did Gowdy then decide that he couldn’t go any further down the rabbit hole, for fear of going to prison? Is this why Gowdy abruptly announced he’s quitting? Is Gowdy the mole? Considering his hyper-partisan nature, is that even possible? There’s clearly a mole. We just don’t know who it is. Neither does Trump, meaning he can’t trust any of his own people.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report