Mitt Romney’s vote is tearing the Republican Party apart – and it’s a beautiful thing

When Republican Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict and remove Donald Trump, he was absolutely doing the right thing. And he deserves the benefit of the doubt that he was doing it for the right reasons, even though it’ll probably end up doing more to help his own political career than harm it. But regardless of how pure Romney’s motives may have been, the reality is that his vote is now ripping the Republican Party apart – and that’s a good thing for America.

Two news stories today show the contrast in how Mitt Romney’s vote is being viewed by different factions of the Republican Party. NBC News talked to a bunch of Republican voters in Romney’s home state of Utah, and found that he’s actually gaining respect and support back home for his impeachment vote.

At the same time, conservative CPAC conference chairman and Trump ally Matt Schlapp is saying that he’s concerned that Mitt Romney’s “physical safety” would be at risk if Romney were to attend CPAC right now. To put this in perspective, for all the internal squabbling within the left right now, can anyone imagine the leader of a liberal political conference saying that some Democratic Senator’s physical safety could be in danger if he/she attends?

So we’ve got some rank and file Republican voters out there quietly choosing Mitt Romney over Donald Trump, even as Trump’s GOP allies are loudly choosing Trump over Romney. At a time when the Republican Party is corrupt beyond repair from top to bottom, it needs to bottom out completely and suffer a total exodus, so it can either be rebuilt by honest people, or be replaced by a new political party. Trump’s criminal behavior – and Romney’s necessary response to it – could be setting off a chain reaction that’ll finish the party off.

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