Donald Trump’s Mitt Romney problem just got a whole lot bigger for him

When Mitt Romney came out swinging at Donald Trump this week over his China scandal, Trump fired back with a series of curse words and nonsensical threats, and that seemed to be that. Then Trump went went pulled out of northern Syria, prompting ten more Republican Senators to speak up against Trump to varying degrees. Now it turns out Trump’s Romney problem is a lot bigger than just a Twitter feud.

Mitt Romney is opening up about his real plan for taking Donald Trump down, and it turns out it’s surprisingly bold and realistic – two words we’ve never previously associated with anything Romney has said or done. According to Vanity Fair, Romney isn’t looking to run against Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary race. Instead, he’s looking to take Trump down before that, by convincing Republican Senators to oust Trump before the end of his term. This plan isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Romney took the heat by being the first Republican Senator to publicly attack Donald Trump since his impeachment began. Now that a double digit number of GOP Senators are publicly speaking out against Trump, he can’t attack them all. They now have safety in numbers. If twenty of them join the Senate Democrats, they can remove Trump from office – and then Trump’s antics will no longer be a threat to their own reelection prospects.

Of course if Donald Trump and Mike Pence both go down for the whistleblower scandal, it’ll create a wide open opportunity for Mitt Romney to run for president in 2020, which we believe has been his plan all along. But if Romney wants to take Trump and Pence out before going on to run for president himself and lose to the Democratic nominee, then more power to him. The essential question is whether he can get other Republican Senators to go along with him. We’ll see what happens next.

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