Democratic House hints that it’s targeting Mitch McConnell over Kremlin money

It’s been a key aspect of the Trump-Russia scandal that, despite being 100% verified, almost no one in the mainstream media has wanted to touch. Several top Republicans took large donations in 2016 from a Kremlin-connected oligarch named Len Blavatnik, and it was only technically legal because the oligarch happened to have dual U.S. citizenship. It’s always been the tip of the spear for the Kremlin’s control over the GOP in general. Now it looks like we’re about to finally get some answers – and it’s bad, bad news for Mitch McConnell.

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier, a key member of the House Intelligence Committee who has also been newly named to the House Oversight Committee, appeared on MSNBC on Friday. She stated that she plans to use her newfound position in the House majority to investigate the recently exposed financial connection between Blavatnik and Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. But it’s what she didn’t say that speaks loudest.

Back in May of 2017, Palmer Report cited disclosure documents which showed that Blavatnik had funneled $2.5 million through a Super PAC to Mitch McConnell. Six months later, the Dallas Morning News reported the same thing. Since that time, no major media outlet has touched the story. Again, the money was legal. But if you’re a politician like McConnell and you make the conscious decision to take millions of barely legal dollars from a sketchy Kremlin oligarch, does anyone really believe you stop there? Or does the Russian money trail continue into criminal territory?

When Congresswoman Speier says she’s going to investigate the financial ties between Blavatnik and Mnuchin, that’s significant, but it’s just a starting point. The Blavatnik money trail leads back to Mitch McConnell, and everyone in politics knows as much. To target Blavatnik is to target McConnell – and we may finally get answers on why McConnell has been acting like some kind of Russian agent when it comes to protecting Kremlin asset Donald Trump.


By the way, there is every reason to suspect that Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has some or all of the Blavatnik-McConnell money trail. In mid 2018 it was revealed that Michael Cohen had financial entanglements with Blavatnik. Cohen was also a finance official for the Republican National Committee. As we know, Cohen has already spilled his guts about all his Trump-related and GOP-related crimes to Mueller.

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