Mitch McConnell just waved the white flag

As Donald Trump’s popularity continues to falter, there has always been a threshold at which Mitch McConnell would decide to throw Trump overboard in the hope of trying to salvage the Republican Senate races. That’s simply how politics works. The question has always been whether Trump would fall so far that McConnell’s threshold would be reached.

We’re still waiting to see if Trump falters to the point that McConnell publicly comes out against him in the hope of insulating Senate Republicans from Trump’s downfall. But it turns out we have in fact reached the point where McConnell is privately telling Senate Republicans that they’re more than welcome to individually come out against Trump if it’ll help their reelection bids.

Make no mistake. By giving Senate Republicans permission to throw Donald Trump under the bus, Mitch McConnell is harming Trump’s reelection odds. McConnell has made the calculation that it’s better to wave the white flag on any hope of a second Trump term, in favor of trying to salvage the Senate races.

This doesn’t mean we can relax. If anything, with McConnell now focusing entirely on the Senate races, it means we’ll have to put in even more work in order to run up the score on election day and make sure the Republican Senators go down with Trump.

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