Mitch McConnell is having a really terrible night

Mitch McConnell really thought he had the Democrats boxed in with that lousy $600 stimulus cap just ahead of the Georgia runoff elects. But McConnell’s victory barely lasted twenty-four hours, and now he’s suddenly having the worst night of anyone in politics. Funny how that works.

– Of course Trump wants to send cash payments to every American. He knows that twelve of them are going to end up on the jury at his criminal trial.


– Tweet of the day, from House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff: “Last night, McConnell claimed ‘Republicans were advocating for a package just like this one, all along, in real time.’ That’s just not true. They opposed a bill at $3.2 trillion, $2 trillion, $1.8 trillion and, yes, $900 billion. In real time. Don’t let him gaslight you.”

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