Mitch McConnell is bluffing

Last night Mitch McConnell leaked that he’s in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, and that he was slightly leaning toward voting to convict him. But today McConnell is saying that he won’t hold an impeachment trial before inauguration. This is because McConnell wants the trial to be President Biden’s problem after taking office. Here’s the thing.

This is yet another instance of McConnell announcing his desired outcome as if it were a done deal, and hoping you’ll fall for it and back off instead of continuing to pressure him. Don’t fall for it. He can still be pressured into holding a trial. Keep up the pressure on him.


If you’re still under the impression that Mitch McConnell has a magic wand and can just do whatever he wants, keep in mind that McConnell couldn’t figure out how to get Trump reelected. Nor could McConnell figure out how to win the Georgia runoffs and retain his Senate majority. He may not be able to figure out how to prevent an impeachment trial on his watch either.

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