Turns out Mitch McConnell is the one engineering Donald Trump’s downfall

For the past two days, Palmer Report has been trying to figure out who within Donald Trump’s orbit has been steering him toward making decisions that are leading to his swift downfall. We’ve gradually ruled out most of the White House people he still listens to. Now we have our answer, and it turns out it’s someone just down the street from the White House.

Someone advised Donald Trump to release the summary of his phone call with the president of Ukraine, and to release the whistleblower complaint. This person gave him some of the worst advice in presidential history, because as anyone could have predicted, these releases have set off a chain of events that are finishing Trump off in real time. Trump is clearly deep enough into cognitive failure that he was willing to follow this advice. But the person who gave it to him can’t possibly have been that senile, and instead must have been trying to get rid of Trump. That person’s name is Mitch McConnell. No, really.

Way down in the bottom half of a lengthy Washington Post article published tonight, it’s revealed that it was Mitch McConnell who told the Trump White House to go ahead and release the phone call summary. McConnell made the argument that the summary would prove Trump’s innocence. But McConnell is a highly savvy political operative, and there’s no way he could have thought the summary helped Trump’s case.

Mitch McConnell purposely made the decision to take Donald Trump down by giving him this advice. Why did McConnell do this? Our guess is that he looked at the Ukraine scandal and saw that Trump was going down sooner or later, and McConnell decided he’d rather hurry up and get it over with now. That way, by the time the 2020 election com around and Trump is in the rear view, perhaps the Republican Senators up for reelection will have a fighting chance. But this is a dangerous game, because as Trump implode, McConnell could still get caught in the blast radius.

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