Donald Trump has decided to take Mitch McConnell down with him

Even as Donald Trump fantasizes out loud about using impossible tactics to somehow magically remain in office, the reality is that he’s far too hobbled by his loss to do much of anything. That’s bad news for a country desperately in need of leadership. But it’s even worse news for the only people Trump still has enough muscle to beat up on: the Republicans standing next to him.

Trump is now sending out weird conspiratorial graphics to Republican Senators with the aim of turning them against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to a surreal new report from Axios. Trump is presumably trying to get revenge against McConnell for having dared to publicly acknowledge that Joe Biden won the election.

This is notable because if Trump escalates this further, he’ll force Republican Senators to choose between him and Mitch McConnell. When you consider that Trump will be gone in a month, and McConnell will continue to be the most powerful Republican Senator going forward, it’s difficult to imagine that Trump will have much luck in taking McConnell down with him.


That said, if Mitch McConnell is particularly vindictive, and if Trump keeps this up, he could decide to take steps to make Trump’s life difficult on his way out the door. In any case, as long as Trump and McConnell are feuding, it’s good news for the Democrats in the Georgia Senate runoffs. You can donate to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock here.

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