Mitch McConnell just painted a very dark picture for Donald Trump’s fate

Last night Mitch McConnell apparently made the calculation that his own odds of reelection were better off if he helped shove Donald Trump off a cliff, and so McConnell began doing precisely that. Now McConnell is painting a very dark picture of Trump’s fate to the media, making clear that McConnell is trying to save himself as Trump goes down.

This afternoon a “GOP source close to McConnell” told Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal that “This is shaping up to be a very dark moment for the Trump White House.” The source then added that Republican Senators are going to face a tough vote on whether to convict and remove Trump, and that “every single move” thus far in the impeachment inquiry has gone against Trump. So why is this important?

First, there’s no way this “GOP source close to McConnell” would be saying something like this to the media unless Mitch Mcconnell himself wanted it to be said to the media. This means McConnell is further laying the groundwork for selfishly throwing Trump out the back door if it ends up being politically necessary.

Last night Mitch McConnell finally spoke up and disputed Donald Trump’s longtime assertion that McConnell had told him his phone call with Ukraine was “perfect.” McConnell is now asserting that he and Trump never even discussed the matter. Yesterday McConnell also introduced a Senate resolution condemning Trump’s screw-up in Syria. Mitch McConnell can be trusted to selfishly do whatever he thinks is best for himself – and his actions increasingly suggest that McConnell is coming to the conclusion that dunking Trump is what’s best for himself.

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