Donald Trump’s advisers caught posting series of mistaken tweets to his account

Earlier today we brought you the story of the bizarre tweet which was posted to Donald Trump’s official Twitter account while he was on stage giving a speech, and was then deleted just seconds later. Now we’ve managed to unravel the mystery of what the tweet was supposed to have been about and why it disappeared – and let’s just say that none of it’s a good sign for Trump and his sinking shell of administration.

At 7:07pm eastern time, the word “Epic” was posted to Trump’s official Twitter account. He could not have written it, because he was on stage at the time. So who had access to Trump’s account, and what the heck was going on? Ninety minutes later, after Trump’s meandering and demented speech ended, this tweet was posted to Trump’s account: “Epic crowd in Moon Township, Pennsylvania tonight. Thank you! Get out on Tuesday and VOTE for Rick Saccone. Together, we are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” This brings more questions than answers.

Now at least we know where the word “Epic” came from. But this means that one of Trump’s advisers was so lost in a haze that he or she tried to make a post-speech tweet about how great the speech was, while the speech was still going on, got one word into it, accidentally hit the “send” button, realized the whole thing was a screw-up, and deleted it without realizing that everyone was going to get push notifications about the errant tweet anyway.

Mistakes happen, and it’s nothing out of the ordinary for public figures to have their aides posting these kinds of transactional tweets on their behalf. But just last week, Trump’s Twitter account announced he was on his way to a funeral that had just ended. Dan Scavino has generally handled these kinds of ghost-tweets for Trump over the past year, and he doesn’t make these kinds of ridiculous mistakes. So either Scavino has become completely rattled as the Trump regime falls apart, or someone else now has access to Trump’s Twitter account and that person is a total buffoon. Either way, it’s not a good sign for Trump and company.

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