Donald Trump’s Minnesota rally was complete disaster for him

Among the many problems with Donald Trump’s town hall on Wednesday night, aside from the fact that the event was even allowed to happen in the first place, was how Trump all but admitted that he went to the first debate knowing he was probably infectious with COVID-19, as did his family who refused to wear masks in the audience, putting the staff of both the Trump and Biden campaigns at risk of catching it. It was yet another reminder that he’s extremely reckless and not taking the pandemic as seriously as he should.

On Friday, things got a bit more serious. In Minnesota, one of the states that Trump’s campaign had initially hoped to flip red, 20 new cases of COVID have been traced back to a rally Trump held in Minneapolis – 16 of whom were people who attended the rally, and 4 counter-protesters who were outside the event. To put this in perspective, state officials have designated his rally a COVID outbreak, which probably means that there’s more cases we’ll soon find out about, as a number of lives were unnecessarily put at risk. This weekend, he’s continuing to hold rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin, despite a doctor in Wisconsin requesting that no social gatherings be held in the state.

This is happening at the worst possible time for Donald Trump, as cases continue to climb with a number of states reporting their highest case numbers since July. Whether Trump is healthy himself or not, he’s spreading disease wherever he goes, making it seem that he’s concerned more about doing as much damage as he can with the time he has left. This is why we need to organize and keep up our numbers for early voting and do whatever we can to vote Trump and the GOP out of power on November 3.

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