Donald Trump’s milkshake debacle

In the final stretch of the election, we’ve seen Donald Trump call for his opponent to be arrested, publicly attack Lesley Stahl and Dr. Fauci after trying to push a baseless conspiracy theory that got no traction in the media, learned that he’s indebted to China, and saw him pick a fight with the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates. It’s only Wednesday and yet Trump has decided to create all new scandals for himself on top of the other ones coming to light, and we can only imagine how disastrous it will be.

Meanwhile, there’s something that went unnoticed when it was reported this past weekend: Donald Trump was at his golf course in 2017 when he got bored during a classified briefing and decided to order a milkshake, letting waitstaff into the room while coded intel was being discussed. It’s been no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t really like getting briefed on important things like national security – even though that tends to be a pretty big aspect of the president’s job, if not the most important one.

Now, according to a former CIA officer, intel agents are afraid to brief Donald Trump on Russia – for fear of how he’ll react, and whether or not they can actually trust him with the info, especially due to his strange infatuation with Putin. In fact, he goes to great lengths to avoid embarrassing himself in front of Putin. This is consistent with earlier reports that CIA Director Gina Haspel has been keeping information about Russia from even reaching Trump’s desk.

The interview, conducted by GQ, also reveals a number of disturbing actions by Russia in the years since Trump took office. Despite his claim of being tough on Russia, that just about everyone knows is a lie, this is the clearest example of why Donald Trump is a traitor. We need to vote him out by an overwhelming margin on November 3.

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