Military General rips Donald Trump a new one

With his presidency in chaos and his reelection prospects growing dimmer, Donald Trump keeps finding ways to make things even worse for himself. For instance, he could have potentially scored points with voters by punishing Russia for the bounties it placed on U.S. soldiers. But because Trump cares more about pleasing Putin than he does about America’s well being or even his own political fate, Trump is continuing to kiss up to Putin.

This has enraged General Barry McCaffrey, who posted this tweet. Note the part he put in all caps:


“Witting tool” means that Genral McCaffrey is accusing Donald Trump of knowingly conspiring with Putin against the United States. That’s treason, or the peacetime equivalent. Plenty of voters are going to see it this way too, including troops and veterans who simply outraged at Trump’s crimes against America, and want him gone in November.

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