Mike Pompeo just set himself up to be the scapegoat

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is one of Donald Trump’s most personally loyal remaining cabinet members. Yet the majority of the witnesses who have sold Trump out to the House impeachment inquiry thus far have come from Pompeo’s State Department. He can’t stop any of it from happening, and now he just opened his mouth and set himself up to be the scapegoat at a time when Trump is actively looking for one.

Mike Pompeo is obviously the source for a new CNN article which asserts that he wanted to do something to stop Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani from corruptly running roughshod over U.S. foreign policy in Ukraine – but after Pompeo saw John Bolton getting fired for internally sounding the alarm, he was afraid to do the same.

This isn’t going to get Pompeo any sympathy from the public, as he’s admitting that he was too much of a coward to stand up to the Trump-Rudy corruption racket. If anything this sounds more like an attempt at a legal defense, as Pompeo is arguing that he didn’t have much choice but to go along with the criminal scheme that his boss wanted carried out.

The thing is, why leak this now? By putting it out there that he (supposedly) wanted to stop Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani from doing what they were doing, he’s essentially jumping up and down and waving his arms at a time when Trump is busy looking within his own ranks for someone to scapegoat. Is Pompeo trying to get word to the House impeachment inquiry (and to federal prosecutors) that he’s open to coming in from out of the cold? In any case, Pompeo fed this narrative to CNN for a reason. We’ll all find out what it is soon enough.

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