Donald Trump begins openly questioning Mike Pompeo’s loyalty as everything hits the fan

Yesterday the State Department’s Bill Taylor testified to the House impeachment inquiry, and by all accounts, it was utterly devastating to Donald Trump. Accordingly, a number of Republicans in Congress (including Mitch McConnell) have begun publicly distancing themselves from Trump, in case he ends up going down. Now Trump is firing back at his own allies, and it’s going all kinds of wrong for him.

Earlier this afternoon Donald Trump lashed out at what he called the “Never Trumper Republicans,” calling them “human scum.” This was widely interpreted as an attack on the House and Senate Republicans who have begun throwing him under the bus. But then an hour later Trump took things in different direction, deciding that Bill Taylor was the “Never Trumper” in question:

It would be really great if the people within the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good (I hope!), could stop hiring Never Trumpers, who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats. Nothing good will ever come from them!

Let’s be clear what Donald Trump is referring to here. It was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who brought in Bill Taylor to serve as Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, after Trump ousted Marie Yovanovitch from the position. With his “I hope” reference, it’s pretty clear that Trump is questioning whether Pompeo was being loyal to him when he hired Taylor. This morning Palmer Report suggested that hiring the super-honest Taylor was one of the dumbest moves the Trump regime has ever made. Now Trump is suggesting that Pompeo may have purposely hired Taylor to sabotage him. Oops.

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