Mike Pompeo goes berserk and begins screaming, cursing, and threatening a reporter

Last night Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was clearly getting nervous about the Ukraine scandal. After all, he was preparing to take the great risk of traveling to Ukraine during the impeachment trial, just to try to put out the worsening fires over there. Today Pompeo made abundantly clear that he’s at the very end of his rope.

Mike Pompeo just did an interview with NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly. She dared to ask him about his refusal to publicly defend the State Department personnel who have been viciously under attack by Donald Trump. In response, after the interview was over, Pompeo took Kelly to a private room and began screaming and cursing at her.

Here’s what Kelly says happened after the interview: “I was taken to the Secretary’s private living room where he was waiting and where he shouted at me for about same amount of time as the interview itself. He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine … He used the F-word in that sentence and many others.” Pompeo then told Kelly that “People will hear about this,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.


So now we’ve got the Secretary of State taking a reporter into a private room, screaming and cursing at her for an extended period, shoving a map in her face, and threatening some form of retaliation against her – all because she dared to ask him a question he didn’t like during an interview. Not only has Pompeo snapped, he now appears to be an immediate danger to himself and others. Law enforcement should take him into custody immediately.

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