Mike Pence’s chief of staff caught in HUGE scandal

For weeks, Palmer Report has been asking why Donald Trump keeps using his press conferences to repeatedly and obsessively plug a particular brand of coronavirus tests from Abbott Laboratories. Was it merely a talking point that Trump kept getting hung up on, or was there a specific reason he kept promoting this one specific company?

Those questions are about to get a whole lot more pressing. It turns out Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short owns somewhere between half a million dollars, and one and a half million dollars, of stock in a handful of coronavirus-related companies that the Trump regime has been promoting – including Abbott Laboratories.

This is according to a bombshell new report from NPR tonight. This alone doesn’t prove any criminal wrongdoing on the part of anyone involved. But it’s going to invoke a number of uncomfortable questions about what if any conversations Short, Pence, and Trump might have had about the promotion of these companies by the Trump regime.

Of course this comes within the context of Donald Trump’s obsessive promotion of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus miracle cure, even though the drug does no such thing and has fatal side effects. The New York Times previously reported that Trump and a number of his associates have financial ties to the leading hydroxychloroquine manufacturer.

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