Who should be the most worried person in Trump’s White House right now? Mike Pence.

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The crooked dominoes in Washington DC are going to be falling with regularity soon. It all started with Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. After less than a month on the job, his supposed lie to Mike Pence led to his exit from the building. Then went disheveled advisor Steve Bannon. After the book Fire and Fury hit the market, Bannon was considered a threat to the royal family and was given the boot. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is almost gone, if Trump’s tweets are any indication. This list goes on and on (and on and on).

With Rick Gates being the latest addition to the Robert Mueller team, those left on the Trump train should be getting extremely nervous. While most of us are hoping that Trump himself will be the next to go down, there is one person ahead of him: Mike Pence.

Pence has been hiding in the shadows. He want everyone to believe that he is the next in line for sainthood. Aside from polishing his halo and generically trying to act “presidential,” he has been largely invisible. Who amongst us believes that he’s innocent in the Trump-Russia plot? Surely not Robert Mueller. Mueller knows that Pence was hand picked by Paul Manafort, who has the moral character of a beer bottle. Then Pence, as head of the transition team, was responsible for the hiring of Flynn, another exemplary citizen. Crook hiring crook.

Pence has a long trail of “inaccurate” statements concerning President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, nearly as many as the memory-challenged Attorney General. Pence was reportedly present at the Oval Office meeting where Trump read the draft memo concerning his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey (he later denied this). Moreover, like the now-embattled Sessions, Pence has repeatedly denied that the campaign had any contacts with the Russians. Yeah right.

If anyone in the WH should be popping Xanax by the handful, it’s Mike Pence. Why do you think he’s hiding? He’s in Mueller’s crosshairs. Maybe he should have Trump’s “bone spur” doctor get him off the hook while he still can. If I was a gambler, my bet would be Pence will never see the presidency. He might be choir director of his cellblock, though.

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