Everyone piles on after Mike Pence trips and falls while trying to run up the stairs

This past weekend, Donald Trump spent a long portion of his doomed Tulsa rally speech trying to make excuses for why he had struggled to walk down a ramp at his previous public appearance. It was abundantly clear that Trump was bothered by the widespread perception that he’s been hiding some kind of health problem.

Today Mike Pence, who has spent the past few years eagerly taking the fall for Donald Trump at every turn, took a literal fall. Pence was running up airplane stairs in overly exaggerated fashion, seemingly showboating, and ultimately tripping and falling down on the ramp:



If the above video won’t load on your device, you can watch it here. Everyone is making fun of Mike Pence, piling on about how this is his “Gerald Ford” moment. But there are two schools of thought. One is that Pence was showboating because he wanted to show how physically fit he is, in case he ends up inheriting the rest of this term as Trump’s health rapidly declines. The other school of thought is that Pence purposely took a dive today, to take the focus off Trump’s own trouble walking. So is Pence scheming to help Trump, or scheming against Trump? Either way, Pence is an idiot.

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