Mike Pence just reminded us what a sniveling coward he is

Over the weekend, the House impeachment inquiry released the testimony transcript from Jennifer Williams, the Mike Pence aide who listened in on Trump’s Ukraine phone call. Williams testified that in her opinion, Trump was wildly out of line. Trump responded by viciously attacking her yesterday, committing felony witness intimidation in the process.

This placed all eyes on Mike Pence. Would he defend his own aide against Trump’s vicious attack, or would he stay quiet like a coward? It turns out Pence did something worse. Here’s the official statement from Pence’s office, as posted by CNN: “Jennifer is a State Department employee.”

While this is technically true, Williams is on assignment to Mike Pence, and she works for him in all but name. Pence is ignoring the fact that Williams is one of his own people, and instead trying to publicly distance himself from Williams. This is nothing short of disgusting, considering Trump is potentially putting Williams’ safety in danger by illegally attacking her ahead of her upcoming public testimony.

In any case, Mike Pence just keeps finding ways to remind us that he’s the lowest of the low. We’re not sure what kind of game he’s playing here when it comes to impeachment, but he just hung his own aide out to dry because she dared to tell the truth under oath. Mike Pence needs to resign.

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