Mike Pence just pulled an utterly deranged stunt

Of all the ugly words in the English language that describe Donald Trump, “deranged” might be the most apt. This week alone, Trump has done several things to remind us of just how deranged he is. But he’s not the only one who fits the description. Mike Pence did something so deranged today, he put lives in jeopardy in the process.

It was just twelve days ago that Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller tested positive for coronavirus. This means Pence should still be in quarantine. Instead Pence traveled to Florida and visited a burger restaurant today with corrupt Governor Ron DeSantis – and just to rub it in, neither of these jerks wore a mask.

That means Mike Pence, who was recently exposed to the coronavirus and may currently have the virus, made a point of going out and potentially infecting a bunch of people who were merely looking for a hamburger. Evil pricks like Pence are the reason it’s not safe for the rest of us to go out in public.

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