Mike Pence is facing a no-win scenario

History is full of heroes. It is full of revolutionaries willing to die for the cause. Yet, we’ve also had our fear share of traitors — vile individuals who put themselves and their persons far before what is good and just for America Donald Trump is the epitome of one such person. But what of his Vice President?

Mike Pence has been neither seen nor heard much on the subject of January sixth. He has mentioned it a few times but mostly steers clear of the issue, no doubt fearing the wrath of the insurrectionist.

Alyssa Farah, whom I’ve written about before, is speaking out about Pence. Farah was a part of the administration and served as Press Secretary for Pence for several years. According to Farah, Pence is embarrassed and ashamed by what took place on that deadly day of January sixth.

Speaking to CNN on Saturday, Farah said Pence is “ashamed of how the former President conducted himself.” Farah also said in her opinion, Pence will run for the highest office in the land in 2024 and try to win over some of the MAGA base. I hope he does not do that.

I’ve been hard on Pence in numerous articles, and I do not like the man. Yet I have no doubt he is ashamed of what occurred that day. I also think it will be near impossible for Pence to win.

The MAGA voters are a cult. And when one is part of a cult, the first rule of thumb is — do not speak ill of the leader. And like it or not, Trump is the leader of this death cult. His fans worship him, most likely to heal a missing part of themselves they’ve lost or never had to begin with.

Of course, this worship does not work. It only succeeds in driving their alienation deeper. But they do not know that because — they’re in a cult. And Pence dared to talk back. He questioned. Never mind that he was correct in his actions that day. The cult sees only what they want to see.


Pence has a problem in that he may still think he is dealing with sane and rational people. He may believe they can make choices. But cult members have no free will to make choices. They’ve given it up, thrown it away to whatever maniacal leader controls them. I’ve no doubt Pence wants this. I’ve also no doubt he will never get this.

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