Donald Trump and Mike Pence have a real problem

Donald Trump held yet another press conference today about the coronavirus, and let’s just say that it was such a disaster, the only reason it didn’t send the stock market plummeting is that the market isn’t open on the weekends. Two moments best summed up today’s mess.

Trump was in excuse mode, as usual, when trying to explain why he’s failed to use the power of his office to generate increased production of ventilators for coronavirus patients. Trump uttered this word salad: “You know a ventilator is a machine, it’s a very complex machine, and to think that we have to order hundreds of thousands, nobody’s ever heard of a thing like this.”

But then not long after that, Mike Pence took the microphone and said this: “These manufacturers tell us that a ventilator actually isn’t a very complicated piece of equipment.” Wait a minute, what? Is a ventilator a “complex machine” from a manufacturing standpoint, or is it not very complicated?


These two idiots can’t get their story straight, and conflicting information like this puts Americans in danger. Are Trump and Pence not bothering to coordinate their message, or are they purposely pushing two incompatible agendas? Either way, Rachel Maddow was right when she said last night that these dangerous press conferences shouldn’t be broadcast live.

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