Mike Pence has given up the ghost

It didn’t really surprise anyone to learn that Donald Trump decided he was going to give up his day to day duties and instead dedicate his hours to fighting an election he already lost – especially since he wasn’t doing much work before Election Day. It’s become a whole other level of embarrassing when we learned Thursday that Mike Pence is following suit, and also neglecting his job.

Although the duties of vice president tend to vary on who holds the office, Pence was appointed with the very important job of heading the White House’s coronavirus task force, and despite the unsettling rise in cases, particularly in states that voted for the Trump-Pence ticket, Pence hasn’t contributed any meaningful leadership role to the task force in weeks, leaving conference calls to HHS Secretary Azar.

According to reports, the last time Pence hosted a conference call with state governors was September 29. The last time he showed up to a meeting was on Monday when he tried to claim credit for the Pfizer vaccine that was developed without government funding, while his name shows up on Trump’s scam fundraiser emails. His supporters might try to argue that he was busy with campaigning, but over the last two weeks, his schedule’s been mostly clear – so much so that he planned a Florida vacation – even as America reaches 250,000 deaths due to the negligence of his administration.

It’s gotten to where medical officials are speaking out about the staggering lack of leadership as the country faces a true crisis, and yet Pence is proving to be just as incompetent as his boss.

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