Mike Lindell goes completely berserk as it all falls apart for him

Mike Lindell seems to be unraveling even more so than one would expect. In the last week or so, Lindell has begun to sound more unhinged — even for him. First off, per Insider, Lindell has turned against the RNC because he appears to feel they are trying to shut him down. What’s a mad pillow holder to do?

According to Lindell, the RNC has not gotten behind him in his doomed attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election. Lindell had planned to submit a complaint to the Supreme Court but never did. He did post the complaint on his website, but it had no Attorney signature.

Lindell is also reportedly furious at GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel for her daring to admit President Biden won the election. “How dare the RNC try and stop this case from getting to the Supreme Court,” the nutter fumed.

Lindell is also boasting that “millions” of happy fans tuned in to view his “Thanks-A-Thon” Thanksgiving broadcast. For those who don’t know what that is, it is merely an extended version of what Kevin McCarthy did on the House floor. If one tunes in, one can view this “Thanks-A-thon” that goes for a whopping 96 hours.


The event was carried by the “Freedom Patriot Network” (Lovely name.), only something was wrong with Lindell’s calculations. Apparently, he sucks at math because it turns out reportedly only several DOZEN folks tuned in — hardly the millions Lindell claimed. So, as we head toward a new year, some things do not appear to be changing — and one of them is the bizarre behavior of Lindell.

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