Mike Lindell appears to give away that the DOJ is closing in on him

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell has announced that his bank is forcing him to close out all of his accounts due to reputational risk, because the bank expects the Feds to subpoena his accounts soon.

Given Lindell’s instability and conspiratorial nature, his broken mind is likely interpreting at least some of these details incorrectly. But presuming he even so much as has the big picture correct, it almost certainly means the Feds are criminally investigating his finances in relation to his involvement in the January 6th criminal plot.

This doesn’t just point to Lindell being under DOJ investigation. It also helps confirm that the DOJ is deep into following the January 6th money trail through Trump world.

Late last year major news outlets reported that the DOJ was criminally investigating Sidney Powell’s finances in relation to the Trump 2020 attempted election overthrow. At the time, we pointed out that it made no sense that the DOJ would investigate just Powell for this, and it instead likely meant that the DOJ was following all of the January 6th money. Sure enough, now Lindell is giving away that the DOJ is following the money trail through him as well.

So much for the narrative that the DOJ is doing “nothing” about Trump world. This week’s takedown of the entire Oath Keepers leadership points to the DOJ targeting the likes of Roger Stone and Alex Jones. And now the money trail points to the DOJ targeting the likes of Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell. This adds up to something very different than “nothing.”

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