Mike Huckabee gets destroyed over hateful racist tweet

Despite being a minister, Mike Huckabee is everything that a Christian shouldn’t be, any nothing that a Christian should be. He’s a hateful, divisive, bigoted troll who appears to truly enjoy hurting people.

Now that major corporations and sporting leagues have taken stands against Georgia’s racist voter suppression law, Mike Huckabee and other right wingers can’t handle it. Huckabee tweeted this on Saturday evening: “I’ve decided to “identify” as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to MLB games. Ain’t America great?”

Huckabee’s tweet, which was dripping with racist and xenophobic hate speech, was met with fierce pushback. Not only did his name begin trending as everyone piled on, the word “reported” began trending after scores of people announced that they had reported his tweet for hate speech.

Congressman Ted Lieu had the most fitting response: “Hey Mike Huckabee, I asked around and Coke likes me, Delta agrees with my values, I wear Nikes and my hometown Dodgers won the World Series. But it’s not because of my ethnicity. It’s because I’m not a sh*thead like you who is adding fuel to anti-Asian hate.”

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