Mike Bloomberg is dropping a ton of bricks on Donald Trump

Back when Mike Bloomberg was briefly running for President, he promised that whether he ended up being the Democratic nominee or not, he would spend big money to help defeat Donald Trump. Then Bloomberg’s campaign quickly fell apart, and Joe Biden became the nominee. It left us all waiting to see if Bloomberg would end up making good on his promise once the general election heated up.

It looks like we now have our answer. CNBC says that Mike Bloomberg is going to spend at least a quarter billion dollars in support of the Joe Biden campaign, and all that’s left is to figure out how to specifically put the money to use. This is a big deal.

Joe Biden showed during the primary that he’s so broadly popular, he was able to win the nomination without doing a ton of fundraising. But during the general election we’re going to see conservative billionaires and dark money groups spend significant amounts of money trying to prop up Donald Trump’s failing campaign. Bloomberg’s money will come in handy.

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