Donald Trump posts utterly bizarre midnight tweet as his whistleblower scandal gets even worse for him

Just a few minutes ago Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump had apparently been stunned into silence. He’d gone eleven hours without tweeting about his scandals, even as his world burned. Perhaps Trump really does read Palmer Report, because shortly after we pointed this out, Trump suddenly tweeted something. The thing is, we’re not even sure what it is that he’s trying to say.

This evening the news broke that when Donald Trump met with the Russians in the Oval Office in early 2017, he told them that he didn’t mind their interference in U.S. elections. This a devastating scandal for him, and when placed within the context of Trump’s recent attempt at getting the president of Ukraine to help him rig the next election, it should be enough to finish him off. It’s also terrible news for former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who told the media back then that he’d been in the room during the meeting, and that everything Trump said to the Russians was “wholly appropriate.” This brings us to Trump’s tweet tonight.

Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand tweeted a link tonight to an old CNBC story from 2017, which served as a reminder that H.R. McMaster lied to us all about what went on in the Russia meeting. But at right around midnight, Donald Trump quoted this tweet, adding “Thank you to General McMaster. Just more Fake News!” Wait a minute, what?


It’s as if Donald Trump awoke from a fever dream at midnight to find that all hell had broken loose in his Russia scandal, misunderstood that H.R. McMaster was trending because he’s been caught lying, and mistakenly thought that McMaster was just now coming to his defense. This is how Trump is trying to defend himself on what could be the last weekend of his presidency? This just keeps getting stranger.

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