Donald Trump has berserk meltdown for the ages

Donald Trump spent Wednesday trying to cause as many foreign policy problems for the United States as possible, and get as many American allies murdered as possible, under the apparent belief that maniacally genocidal behavior is the best way to convince the Senate to keep him in power. By the time the day was over, and Trump’s antics were backfiring against him in real time, he ended up having a late night Twitter meltdown for the ages.

Just before midnight, Donald Trump tweeted this: “In case the Kurds or Turkey lose control, the United States has already taken the 2 ISIS militants tied to beheadings in Syria, known as the Beetles, out of that country and into a secure location controlled by the U.S. They are the worst of the worst!”

It’s almost impossible to come up with the words to describe what’s wrong with this tweet. First, Trump appears to have no interest or understanding that Turkey is in the process of massacring the Kurds. Second, he appears to believe that there are only two ISIS prisoners at risk of escaping, when there are in fact a whole bunch of them. Third, while these two ISIS members are in fact nicknamed The Beatles, Trump just revealed that he doesn’t know how to spell “Beatles.” He really thinks the rock band is called the “Beetles.”

None of this is funny, of course. Donald Trump is committing mass murder, and he’s massively weakening the United States’ position on the world stage for years to come. If the Republican Senators don’t decide to oust him soon, they’ll forever be remembered as traitors with blood on their hands as well.

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