Mick Mulvaney, what the hell?

Earlier this evening, the House impeachment inquiry released the testimony transcript from Pentagon official Laura Cooper, which helped to further confirm just how deeply involved Mick Mulvaney was in Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal. Now another testimony transcript has been released, and… wait, what?

The testimony transcript from State Department official Catherine Croft has just been released. It reveals that prior to the Ukraine extortion scandal in question, Mick Mulvaney had put an earlier hold on Ukraine’s Javelin missiles for fear that “Russia would react negatively.” No really, it’s right there in the transcript. Mulvaney just flat out decided he had to do Vladimir Putin’s personal bidding, and wasn’t even being coy about it.

This is surreal – and it only leaves two possibilities. One would be that Mick Mulvaney knew Donald Trump was a Russian asset, and Mulvaney was willing to commit this corrupt act against the United States because he was just that personally loyal to Trump. The other possibility would have to be that Mulvaney is a Russian asset himself.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently reminded us that with Donald Trump, all roads lead to Putin. There is zero doubt that Trump himself is working directly for the Kremlin. Now it’s worth asking why someone like Mick Mulvaney was committing crimes and flat out admitting that he was doing it for fear Putin would get mad at him.

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