Is that it for Mick Mulvaney?

Ever since Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal surfaced and his impeachment began, he’s been looking for someone to take the fall for him. Last week Trump’s Acting White House Chief of Staff leaked to the media that if Trump tries to scapegoat him in the scandal, he’ll quit – and presumably cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry in an effort to protect himself.

That brings us to today’s New York Times report detailing the hilariously inept story of the Trump regime’s failed attempt at hiring Trey Gowdy as outside counsel, which not only went nowhere and left the Trump regime publicly humiliated, it also cost Gowdy his Fox News gig. Here’s the thing: the article goes out of its way to pin the blame on – you saw this coming – Mick Mulvaney.

Based on the manner in which the NY Times article is framed, it sounds like the source is White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who supposedly tried to heroically stop Mick Mulvaney from pursuing the Trey Gowdy hire. If so, it means Cipollone – with or without Trump’s blessing – is trying to scapegoat Mulvaney for screwing up Trump’s impeachment defense.

This isn’t quite the same thing as Donald Trump scapegoating Mick Mulvaney for the scandal that got Trump impeached, which is what Mulvaney said his red line was. But it’s remarkably close, and it’s coming right after Mulvaney tried to draw the line. So is this is for Mulvaney, or will he stick around for even more scapegoating before he cuts his losses?

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