Mick Mulvaney gets laughed off of CNN

With most of Donald Trump’s advisers having already departed amid controversy and scandal, and very few of them having been replaced, and with Trump too far gone to do his own dirty work in interviews, the small handful of people still in the building have been tasked with doing Trump’s lying for him. Chief among them: Mick Mulvaney, who now holds approximately thirteen White House job titles, and sucks at all of them.

Mick Mulvaney, who comes across as a mix of a shame emoji and the guy who played the dad on ALF, appeared on CNN with host Jake Tapper this weekend. Mulvaney’s job was clear: sell Trump’s lies. It’s not that any reasonable CNN viewer was going to buy them, but Mulvaney was only performing for Trump himself, who was surely lying in bed and watching it on television.

Tapper asked Mulvaney if he thinks Trump is to blame for the “coarsening of our national discourse.” Mulvaney’s ridiculous yet straight faced answer: no. Tapper seemed dumbstruck, and asked the question again. Mulvaney’s response this time: a roundabout version of no. At this point, Tapper openly laughed in Mulvaney’s face, signaling the absurdity of the denial.

This came on the same day Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a cross between a stupidity emoji and a pile of vomit, appeared on Fox News, also tasked with selling Donald Trump’s lies. It was her back luck, as Fox host Chris Wallace wasn’t in the mood for lies, and quickly fact checked her to her face. Notably absent from the weekend talk show circuit was Stephen Miller; we assume he was to busy suffering a spray-on hair malfunction.