Michael Flynn may have just made a big mistake by accepting that pardon

– Michael Flynn may have made a mistake by accepting a pardon. Legally speaking, it’s a confession of guilt. This means that Flynn is confessing to having lied under oath to Judge Sullivan when he rescinded his guilty plea and claimed he was innocent. In other words, by accepting the pardon, Flynn just formally confessed to perjury. All along, Sullivan has seemed intent on making Flynn pay for his crimes. This pardon may have given him a new opening.

– Pay close attention to which Republican office holders are rushing to praise Donald Trump for pardoning confessed felon Michael Flynn tonight. Chief among them are Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. These are the Republicans who don’t think they can remain viable once Trump is gone, so they’re clinging to whatever shards of Trumpism are left.

– Donald Trump’s pardon spree, which could culminate with an attempted self-pardon, is the latest reminder that state charges are what will take Trump down. Even if Trump’s self-pardon is struck down in court as expected, it’ll take time. In the meantime, New York will charge Trump on state charges, and could already have him tried and convicted before the DOJ even gets the legal all-clear to make a decision about federal charges against Trump. All eyes on New York.

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