Michael Flynn Jr makes bizarre move

It’s been nearly fourteen months since Michael Flynn cut a cooperating plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, presumably in part to try to keep his son Michael Flynn Jr out of prison. Last month Flynn had a sentencing hearing before a federal judge, and it went very poorly for him, with the judge advising him to find a way to cooperate more thoroughly. Now Flynn Jr has made a rather bizarre move.

One of the oddities all along has been that, even as Michael Flynn sold out his fellow criminals in order to obtain leniency for his son, we saw Flynn Jr consistently tweet deranged pro-Trump conspiracy theories about Mueller and federal investigators. It led quite a number of observers to ask why Flynn Jr hadn’t been reined in, or what was really going on. Around the time the judge told Flynn off, Flynn Jr finally went silent.

Now Michael Flynn Jr has decided to scrub his Twitter account, deleting everything he’s ever tweeted, with the exception of a pair of Christmas-related tweets from last month. No one seems to have any idea why he did it. It’s possible he simply panicked, or that the gravity of his situation finally hit him. But it’s equally possible that this is a sign that something big is about to break.


Michael Flynn isn’t due back in court for sentencing for another two months, and his name hasn’t been in the news this week at all. But based on the heavily redacted sentencing memo, we know that Robert Mueller is sitting on a powder keg of Flynn-related evidence against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Is Mueller is about to make it public? Is this why Flynn Jr is suddenly trying to act like he never dissed Mueller to begin with? Stay tuned.

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