Michael Flynn is having a bad night

– It’s worth pointing out that Donald Trump just fired Sidney Powell, who also represents Michael Flynn. Does this mean Flynn isn’t getting his pardon after all? Keep in mind that Trump and Powell (and ostensibly Bill Barr) spent months coordinating on Flynn’s maniacal decision to renege on his guilty plea. Now Powell, and perhaps Flynn, have been hung out to dry. Trump always throws his own loyal people under the bus in the end.

– Now that Trump has fired Sidney Powell, she’s released a statement that includes the phrase “Kraken on steroids.” Hoo boy.

– Congressman Gerry Connolly has a great thread on how GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has been corruptly conspiring with Donald Trump on various antics dating back to 2017. This won’t help Murphy’s cause at all if she ends up getting hauled into court, or into a congressional hearing room, over this.

– If you’re surprised that Chris Christie and Lisa Murkowski threw Trump under the bus today, you shouldn’t be. Christie cares more about remaining viable in his ABC News analyst gig. Murkowski is up for Senate reelection in 2022, and she’s been trying to strike a balance of dunking Trump at just the right time, so as to not elicit a far right Republican primary challenge, while also not handing the Democrats a talking point against her. Neither Christie or Murkowski cares about Trump’s feelings. This is about their own selfish ambitions.

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