Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn caught meeting with alleged briber at Trump Tower

What do Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn have in common, besides their first names? They’re both Donald Trump flunkies. They both like taking shady money. They’re both at the center Trump’s criminal scandals. One has cut a plea deal, and the other will end up having to cut a deal eventually. Now it turns out Cohen and Flynn held a meeting together at Trump Tower with a guy who has since claimed that he’s successfully bribed the Trump administration.

The connection was made by – who else – Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti. He posted images proving that Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn met with Ahmed Al-Rumaihi at Trump Tower in 2016. So who is Al-Rumaihi? He’s a former diplomat and current businessman from Qatar. According to Avenatti, Al-Rumaihi recently admitted to “bribing administration officials according to a sworn declaration filed in court.”

This alone does not prove that Cohen and Flynn were using the meeting to solicit a bribe from Al-Rumaihi. However, what’s important here is that Flynn has already cut a plea deal, which means that by definition, he’s already told Special Counsel Robert Mueller everything – including whatever went on at this meeting. So if this was indeed a bribery meeting, then Mueller has Cohen nailed for it. In the meantime, Avenatti seems intent on sticking a fork in Cohen in the court of public opinion before Mueller finishes him off in a court of law.

So why did Michael Avenatti choose to expose this Trump Tower meeting? He says that his warning was ignored when it comes to “the refusal of various parties to come clean and the failure of various parties and news outlets to stop with the personal attacks on our side.” Then he added, “Keep pushing us.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report