Michael Flynn and his brother have a whole new problem

Back in January, the Washington Post reported that Michael Flynn’s brother, General Charles Flynn, was on the January 6th phone call which resulted in the National Guard being delayed for hours before being sent to the Capitol. It also reported that the Trump regime went out of its way to lie about Charles Flynn having been on the call.

When you consider that convicted felon Michael Flynn played a major role in hyping the January 6th insurrection, that report raised all kinds of questions about whether this could possibly be a coincidence. It also raised the question of whether Flynn’s brother was merely on the call, or whether he was the one who made the decision not to send in the National Guard. Now things have gotten uglier.

During a public congressional hearing today, General Walker testified that General Flynn was indeed one of two people who tried to block the National Guard from being sent in, arguing that the “optics” would have been bad. Keep in mind that by this point, the insurrectionists were already inside the Capitol and had control of it.

This means that Michael Flynn incited an insurrection in plain view, and then his brother tried to use his position to prevent the insurrectionists from being taken down. We’ll leave it to the Department of Justice to sort out what specifically went down between the two brothers, in terms of whether there was any coordination between them. But let’s just say that the, ahem, optics don’t look good for either one of them right now.

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