The Michael Cohen criminal case is about to get very ugly for everyone involved

When Donald Trump installed the infinitely corrupt William Barr as his Attorney General, it was clearly in the name of trying to shield himself and his family from criminal charges in the numerous ongoing scandals and investigations. It looks like Barr just managed to do his job, as the SDNY has reached the end of its probe into the Trump-Cohen campaign finance violations, and no one named “Trump” is going to be charged – but there’s a catch.

It seems fairly obvious that William Barr has intervened and forcibly shut down the probe. There’s a check signed by Donald Trump Jr that’s enough to put him in prison. There’s evidence that additional Trump Organization people were criminally involved. So why aren’t these people even being charged? Barr, obviously, is stopping it. That may not matter, as Donald Trump would surely have tried to pardon his son anyway, and these kinds of charges against Trump’s family are only going to stick if they’re brought at the state level. But tomorrow is nonetheless going to get very ugly very quickly for everyone involved. In fact it’s happening tomorrow.

Because the federal case is ending, the Feds have to unseal the entirety of the case so that the public can see it. The DOJ asked to be allowed to redact certain parts of it. But the judge is flat out refusing, because there’s no one left to prosecute in the case anyway, and has ordered that the entire thing be unsealed tomorrow morning. In other words, we’re about to see an entire criminal case against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and other Trump Organization people laid out in public view.

That’ll help make clear to the public that Donald Trump and his people are in fact career criminals, and that Trump needs to be ousted and brought to justice. Also, because the Trump-Cohen case is ending at the federal level, it opens the door for the New York Attorney General to bring state level charges. When the federal case against Paul Manafort ended with his sentencing, New York unsealed an indictment against him just minutes later. We’ll see if similar fireworks play out tomorrow.

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